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At this moment no future public workshop is scheduled, though Niels does workshops within companies. Do you consider this as enjoyable and docile day out for you and your colleagues? Phone Niels (+31 6 50588700) or send an e-mail (go to contact page for mail adress). Public workshops will also be announced at the page 'new'.

Tour of the Netherlands
Journalist Paul Vreuls wrote a series of eleven articles for a Dutch outdoor magazine about touring the periphery of Holland. Niels followed in his tracks and supplied all photographs for the magazine features. The articles were collected and published in a stunning book entitled De Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands).

...This book is more than a cycling guide; it is a contemplative and poetic story full of exceptional insights. A book that towers above all other cycling guides in the style of writing, publication values and content. A breath of fresh air!... (NBD-Biblion).

De Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands)
Along the border with Paul Vreuls, 2004 km of cycling adventure in eleven stages
Publisher: Willems Adventure
Paperback, 132 pages, 79 photos in colour, 11 route maps
ISBN 90-9017660-8

High-quality prints of any photograph you want from the Niels Kooyman collection can be ordered by sending an e-mail with your order (go to contact page for mail adress). Prices start at 95 euro for a 20x30 cm print on Ilford Galerie paper. Please enquire about other prices and formats; printing on stretched canvas is becoming increasingly popular and is an attractive option for larger sizes.

You can book Niels for the following lectures:
- Oostvaardersplassen (Oostvaarders Lakes)
- Horns, about the comeback of 3 European mammal species
- Photojournalism, tips from a pro

The photojournalism lecture is more of a course than just a series of images and is also interactive. It lasts a full evening; the other series last an hour and a half. Each series contains nearly a hundred images. People often choose to show two series, one after the other. The fee is 150 euro per lecture; travel expenses of
0.30 euro per kilometre also apply.

The GRP Drenthepad (Drenthe Path) has recently been revised and so has the guiding booklet for which Niels did the photography. This 324 kilometres long footpath not only covers the province Drenthe but also crosses the borders with Groningen and Friesland. In the guide directions are given, both in text form as on maps. Besides practical information, attention is given to the local language and poetry of the province Drenthe.

The guide is for sale in specialty bookshops or can be ordered directly from Wandelplatform-LAW, (18.70 euro plus postage and handling).:

Regional Footpath 6
Publisher: Wandelplatform-LAW
Paperback, 192 pages, 110 photos
ISBN 978-90-70601-96-6